"Alex Ingram along with her program Make The Distinction has impacted my life tremendously. She is the embodiment of a great role model and what it looks like to invest back into the community. Alex has helped me grow in so many ways and opened my eyes up to new things. She does this with her joyous spirit and beautiful smile. Being at MTD has taught me self care, the importance of volunteering, and what it means to be an unapologetic black girl.As I enter college I will take all the things MTD has taught me and use them to grow within myself."

~ Daija (class of ‘18)

"My name is Aaliyah Allen. I have been apart of  Make The Distinction mentoring program for almost a year now, and  I can honestly say that this mentor program has been a wonderful experience. My goals have always been to help the community, to continue building up confidence, and to find like minded people I can build a connection to. My mentor Ms.Alex has been a tremendous help in me achieving those goals, for instance, through the program I helped make gift bags for the homeless for christmas, built up better connections with the people in the program through having brilliant discussions about our lives and about our views on the world around us, and having a guest speaker talk to us about how we can keep up with ourselves  mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy.


I am honored to have Ms. Alex as a mentor, she goes above and beyond for her mentees through introducing us to  new ways we can grow, is always willing to be active in her community and anywhere else she can help, and demonstrates the courage to expand her horizon. It is always a pleasure to be in her presence because she has great sense of humor, exudes confidence and positivity"


~ Aaliyah (class of '20)

“I started Make the Distinction as a rising junior, and remained apart of the program the entire year. Within the year I had trouble juggling school, family, and work. However, every time I was able to come to MTD, I was able to watch my growth from journal entries. By being able to track my emotions and actions, Ms. Alex was able to monitor my mental health. It’s very rare that adults pay attention to adolescents and can tell when they are not well, however Ms.Alex was able to notice when I was down. She helped me get through a rough time, as well as MTD. The icebreakers and lessons I encountered at MTD kept my spirits high. Ms.Alex always had an amazing agenda. I can honestly say that every time I left MTD, I left motivated to achieve all my goals for the upcoming week.”


~ Ashanni (class of ‘19)