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It's a We Thing takes place every 1st Wednesday [Columbia North YMCA] and 3rd Saturday [Bok High School] of the month.  



Developing girls for a healthy transition into womanhood & life after high school through one-to-one mentorship


Mentorship Program

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“My name is Ashanni, I am an alumni of Make the distinction. I attended MTD in highschool and I can honestly say this organization set me up on a path of greatness. Ms.Alex didn’t just focus on my everyday struggles, but my mental struggles as well. The first meeting we made vision boards and began journaling about what was going on in our life. By the end of the year, I was able to look back and see how I mentally overcame so much through the help of MTD and journaling. Ms.Alex constantly showed us methods to help us be a better person inside and out. When I was at my lowest Ms.Alex was right by my side. Ms.Alex made sure to set us up with skills we actually need in life. I recently reached out to Ms.Alex and thanked her for giving me so much knowledge on how to build a resume. I have helped so many of my friends build their resumes which helped them get jobs and internships all thanks to the skills Ms.Alex taught us at MTD. MTD bought me many great memories while also giving me life long friends. This organization not only helped myself but helped others as well. We held a mental health community panel and collected clothing, books, and toys for kids in behavioral health institutions. I can honestly say this organization is shaping the future, if it wasn’t for MTD I don’t know where I would be at mentally.”

- Ashanni


“I am honored to have Ms. Alex as a mentor. She goes above and beyond for her mentees through introducing us to  new ways we can  grow, is always willing to be active in her community and anywhere else she can help, and demonstrates the courage to expand her horizon. It is always a pleasure to be in her presence because she has great sense of humor, exudes confidence and positivity. “ 

  - Aaliyah 

Words From 
Our Alum

"In It To Win It has had a partnership with MTD since 2017. We have collaborated on several community events. MTD helped develop a community conference for families that we partnered with Dobbins High School to do in 2018 and 2019. We went to the polls together in 2020 through an initiative called Party at the Mailbox where we encouraged community members to vote in the 2020 election. In 2022 we partnered together to do a MLK Day giveback by collecting donations to help provide needed items to homeless youth and women. It has been a pleasure working with MTD to watch their program grow throughout the years. In it to Win It was co-founded by MTD’s founder Alexandria Ingram and it has been a pleasure watching her grow and develop MTD’s initiative. Her dedication is not only to MTD, but has also been to In it to Win It  and it has been a pleasure to watch. One of the goals for In it to Win It is building community partnerships and MTD has been great to partner with over the years. In it To Win It  looks forward to continuing to grow with MTD and continue to do great work in the community."

- Lauryn Gray

Words From 
Our Community Partners

“Working with Make the Distinction was such an eye opening moment for not only the girls but for myself. As a social worker in Philadelphia, I thought I understood what needed to be done to help those come up with realistic ways to manage their lives , however working with the girls I understood so much more. The girls in the group helped me understand how to communicate with teenagers but also that they need to hear the same way adults feel like we need them to hear us. They were open during our conversation surrounding hygiene. They were honest but importantly they allowed themselves to be vulnerable discussing something that can be viewed as taboo. Overall I enjoyed working with the group and look forward to working with them more in the future.”  

- Monaque Riddick

Words From Guest Facilitators

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