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Meet Our Founder 

Alexandra Ingram, MSW

Alexandra’s fire was ignited while studying Psychology at Kutztown University in 2011, where she began to identify her purpose in leading others and fighting for causes bigger than herself through her involvement in various student activities. Ms. Ingram continued onto higher education, by earning her Master’s of Social Work degree in 2013. Since Graduate School, Alexandra has served with City Year (Americorps) in Miami, FL, helped rebuild homes in New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina, and served on a missions team to build a home for an impoverished family in Nicaragua. 

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Ms. Ingram lives her life by this quote: “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” If you cannot take the initiative or ask where help is needed and follow suit. Then, move aside so the right people can get the job done! Ms. Ingram is passionate about empowering our young ladies to be the best version of themselves without the confinement of societal standards and expectations of womanhood. Girls will enhance professional development, service their community, and practice healthy living in order to navigate through life in a distinct way! 



Kim R. Lawrence,


Kim R. Lawrence is the Director of Purchasing at her place of employment and has fifteen years of experience working with youth groups.  She also has experience in Fundraising, in which she was responsible for the Annual fundraiser where she has raised well over $10,000.00 each year.  

Kim specializes in time management and company organizational leadership.  She is responsible for implementing new purchasing guidelines and developing budgets for each department within her organization.

Kim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and also a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Management. Kim is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. In her free time, Kim enjoys singing and spending time with her grandchildren. 

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Dr. Radhia Afif, LBS

Dr. Radhia Afif is a Philly native from the West Oak Lane section. She is an advocate for children and families in her role as a Licensed Behavior Specialist. Dr. Afif has one published book “How to Train Your Parents” which addresses behavior challenges within families and interventions to support change. In addition, she runs a monthly group for young women 13-18 to address various topics related to social, emotional, and psychological development. Although Dr. Afif has her hands full in work and business she also enjoys music, poetry, and spending time with family and friends.

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Najiyyah Cheeseboro, MSW

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Steve Tolliver Jr. Esquire


Shayla Whitmore (1).JPG

Shayla Whitmore
- LaSalle University

Andrea Wood (1).JPG

Andrea Woods
- LaSalle University

LaNae Watford - West Chester University.jpeg

LaNae Watford
- West Chester University

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